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Autopilot Module Tear Down

2016-04-07 21:25:55 - wk057

Kicking things off here with a tear down of Tesla's autopilot module.  This is the camera module.  It contains the MobileEye EyeQ3 chip and handles all of the heavy lifting for Tesla's autopilot.

This module works in unison with other modules, such as the Bosch iBooster braking system, a Bosch radar in the front, a set of twelve Bosch ultrasonic sensors, and a few other things.

But, this one is certainly the most important.  Without it there is no autopilot.

So without further ado let's take a peak inside! :D

This is the top of the module.  This mounts to the windshield.  The clips are for the bottom trim piece (not shown).

This is the bottom.  Most of the case is basically a heat sink.  This thing gets HOT.  There's a mount for the rear view mirror here too.  Lets take it apart!

This is the back of the camera.  Notice it has its very own heat sink.  Also there are a lot of test points labeled.  Might have to mess with that later. :)

This is the bottom of the PCB found inside.  Mostly passives.  Nothing too interesting.

Now this one is more interesting.  There's the MobileEye EyeQ3 chip front and center along with some RAM, what appears to be a generic DSP, and a few other things.  Pretty cool.

As is usually the case with my posts like this, click the images for higher resolution version.  The boards are VERY high resolution. :D