Projects -> Solar -> Statistics down temporarily

2016-04-10 00:55:57 - wk057

Hi everyone. is temporarily offline.  The machine backing its database started having some major issues and the filesystem became corrupted. :(

As it turns out, my backup script also had not been running as it should have been. :(

So, I spent basically all day working to recover that machine and its data from the older backups that did work and through analysis of the corrupt filesystem.

It's been a long and stressful road today, but I've recovered 99.98% of the database of solar production stats.

I haven't brought a new server back online yet, but I will be probably tomorrow.  I've also lost about a day of stats entirely since the server was offline and polling of me equipment couldn't be done.  I now have a second machine just logging data to a file for insertion into the database when I get a replacement up and running.


I definitely need better backup habits...