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Firmware v7.1 (2.16.17) - Some Notes

2016-04-13 19:05:33 - wk057

So, my wife's car received 2.16.17 yesterday.  My P85D hasn't since Tesla has me blocked from updates on my car since the P100D incident.  Not even service can update it now, it seems.

Anyway, I was looking through 2.16.17 a bit.  Looks like autopilot got a version bump from 7.7.3 to 8.2.0.

Also appears that Tesla has removed a bunch of internal "apps" as well.

Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: AutopilotTrial Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: ClusterTest Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: Colorizer Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: ColorTest Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: DriverAssist Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: ExternalDisplayTest Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: HandwritingPad Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: NavTest Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: NLPApp Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: RadioTest Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: SpotifyTest Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: UIFrameworkTest Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/apps: VehicleConfig

Doing some diffs on the two firmwares was interesting.  They cleaned up a bunch of stuff that definitely shouldn't have been in customer firmware in the first place.  I'm reasonably certain I'm to blame... but hey, kudos for them cleaning things up and making the firmware more secure.

Interestingly, they've left the P100D badge, but they removed the 75D badge...

Only in /usr/tesla/UI-2.13.77/assets/ModelS/night/about: badge_75d.png

I actually never let that one slip... so, *shrugs*

I guess they'll either re-add it later, or they're going to actually split off the Model X and Model S firmware into their own branches.  Guess we'll find out within the next few months.